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Friday, 22 July 2011

My dear Watson...

The final instalment of the Harry Potter film series sees the young stars embark on a new career, destined to live and act forever in the shadow of their onscreen wand-bearers, which have made Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint household names.

Emma Watson however, looks most likely of the three to cast aside the shackles of Hogwarts. What in 2001, would have seemed highly unlikely of the fresh-faced, frizzy-haired Hermione Granger, Watson has taken the fashion industry by storm. She has, in the last two years alone, established herself as a rising fashion icon, not dissimilar to TV stars like the Olsen twins and Alexa Chung did previous to their industry successes.

Twice Watson has been chosen as the face of iconic British fashion house, Burberry. Her first campaign, working with creative director, Christopher Bailey was for the brand’s Autumn/Winter campaign in 2009, and  she then remained their poster girl for the following Spring/Summer collection. 

Last August when Watson’s infamous Mia Farrow-inspired, pixie crop haircut hit the web, it caused a sensation and received in excess of 40,000 hits. The 21 year old star increasingly graced every fashion magazine’s best dressed list and her red carpet gowns became even as important as Potter’s fate.

But it was in July 2010, that Watson truly cemented her status as a fashion icon when she decorated the cover of Vogue.

In March of this year, she helped launch Pure Threads, a clothes line featuring a series of environmentally friendly dresses, alongside Italian designer Alberta Ferretti.

Emma Watson has truly cast away the shadow of her nerdy onscreen counterpart and no matter her fate on the big screen, looks likely to furthermore establish herself as a fashion icon within the British fashion industry.

Money’s on an Emma Watson clothes line within the next two years! x


  1. She is gorgeous, I love her style and she has totally reinvented herself since Hogwarts. :)SarahD

  2. She is amazing. As nerdy Hermione and as super gorgeous Emma Watson :) Excited to see what she ends up doing next.


  3. She looks like a feather-duster at the end there.
    But I guess that is what high-fashion is all about!

    And Rupert Grint is the man!

  4. I love Emma Watson! I think she's a smart, taleted, gorgeous woman. A model and a actress! My dream life.