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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Living It Large, Volume II: Crash Dieting: An Update

As promised, I shall keep you updated on the trials and tribulations that have made up my past week, as I attempt to maintain a healthy diet, overcoming almost some obstacles.

All was going well. I  had replaced my eleven cups of tea with some green stuff with various minerals in it. Anything chocolate was substituted with something that has "Oaty" in the title. Dinner was tasteless and my evenings were miserable. I assumed it was going well. 

On Saturday night I made the wise decision to replace my usual tipple of cider, with a less fat therefore healthier, vodka substitute. This was an A+ health-aware decision, I'm sure you'll agree. However, as a result of this sensible decision the following, regrettable actions were taken.

Damning virtual evidence of my failure is in abundance, thanks to my dear friend, Sarah. She's no longer my friend.

The horse is so very high and return is almost incomprehensible.  

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  1. Ah now, that plate looks very small so don't be too hard on yourself! xo